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Sentrum Næringshage, a regional business garden

The concept “Business Garden” is a national program, owned and partly financed by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. The main goal with the program is to grow innovation, development and new businesses in rural areas around the country. The business gardens have had since the start of the program, and still has, a certain focus to give opportunities to the talents of tomorrow – the youth generation. Beside this, a certain focus on female entrepreneurs has also been given with a very good result.

Sentrum Næringshage is a collection of several business clusters in the Helgeland region, with a healthy mix of both startup-companies and established companies. The initiative to establish Sentrum Næringshage business garden came from the entrepreneurs, not the local government or the municipality, but we highly value the co-operation with-  and support of both.

Sentrum Næringshage is a limited company. Investors are mostly regional businesses. Their main goal is be to be a part of something that can start activity and development in the community, not investing hoping to have a good ROI on their money.

In addition to providing office space, and coaching and mentoring our members, Sentrum Næringshage also works with projects that are important for the regional business development, or for private business owners. Often we take the initiative to establish our own projects in cooperation with companies in the garden or outside. Companies established outside the garden can also be members and be considered to be a part of the business garden.

By signing up to become a member of Sentrum Næringshage, you are given access to network activities, sharing of knowledge, sharing destiny with other small entrepreneurs; someone to discuss all the challenges you can meet starting a business, access to marketing channels. Beside this, an administrative infrastructure is available with e.g. printers, copy center, video conferencing and secretary assistance.

More information

For more information please contact Jan Sandbukt, CEO of Sentrum Næringshage.
E-mail:  [email protected]. Mobile: +47 48 06 80 09